Skull of the Narcissistic Leech
Acidic Mandible of the Hydra
Portfolio of Heroes Envisioned
Auspice of the Whyrlegyge
Disciple of the Wyrmwrought Flame
Artificer's Chisel
Genuine Perceptions of the Eternal Mind
Unusual Baby Roshan
Butcher's Wake Loading Screen
Mace of Aeons
Genuine Treasure of Fearless Splendor
Almond the Frondillo
Hydrakan Latch
Golden Latticean Shards
Genuine Dolfrat and Roshinante
Almond the Frondillo Red Upgrade
Inscribed Jewel of Aeons
Rotten Stache
Genuine Ripper's Reel of the Crimson Witness
Inscribed Drowned Horseman's Pauldrons
Viridus Leggings
Spectator: NewBee
Genuine Blistering Shade of the Crimson Witness
Acolyte of Vengeance Mask
Bangles of the Wildwing's Blessing
Unusual Drodo the Druffin
Genuine Silent Wake of the Crimson Witness
Effigy Block of The Fall 2016 Battle Pass  Level I
Corrupted Drake Guard of the Frozen Apostle
Amber Queen Loading Screen
Thunder Rogue's Braid
Acolyte Priest's Headdress
Time-Mace of the Acolyte of Clasz
Claive of Unyielding Stone
Vigil Triumph
Unusual Jin and Yin Fox Spirits
Wraith-Night Offering
Unusual Osky the Ottragon
Acolyte Priest's Guard
Acolyte of Vengeance Weapon
Genuine Rapiers of the Burning God
Algid Falcon Loading Screen
Healing Ward of the Kuur-Ishiminari
Genuine Doomling
Inscribed Direstone Pauldrons
Inscribed Fatal Blossom Scarf
Everlasting Hair
Acidic Tail of the Hydra
Ember Edge
Beaver Knight Loading Screen